The free kick technique by the legends of football, wherein the ball repeatedly goes out of reach of the goalkeeper and hits the net, and scoring unexpectedly good goals.

Trainings alone could never aid such goals, but then using technology & science, a new solution to achieve it was found, wherein, the best quality footballs available in the market are analysed to create an entire database which would allow to identify elite footballs with consistent aerodynamic behaviour that could be used at top level tournaments by the world’s best players.

The first step here is to find a suitable CFD method to achieve our goal, with many types of simulation software out there all with numerous strengths and weaknesses it is vital that the results received from these simulations are both evocative and illustrative of real life data. Whilst seeming simple this takes months with improbability analysis and iterative fine-tuning occurring continuously throughout the process. As well as this, multiple footballs of different design, panel shape and surface roughness have been scanned using the latest 3D scanning equipment to create a database that is representative of the elite footballs on the market. Once these steps have been finalised, huge amounts of data collection is needed followed by statistical analysis with the intention to identify trends that could explain the factors that impact the flight of a ball.

The analysis is still going on. Fingers crossed and hoping to see results soon.

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